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Why Self defense is necessary??

“Her short skirt & modeling career is responsible for getting raped”

“Girls are only encouraging boys”

क्या ज़रूरत थी इतनी रात को घर  से अकेले आने की?”


But the fact is 5 years old girl was not wearing skirt, she was in school uniform.

That working woman was in saree while returning from the office in day hours.

How 70 years old lady can seduce a man with her short dress?

I will never understand why it is more shameful to be raped than to be a fucking rapist.

बेटा कहा हो? अब तक आये नहीं हो? ज़माना बहोत ख़राब हैAfter 8pm every girl’s parents start worrying for their daughters & starts calling them. Why only daughters? Because every hour one girl is facing the same thing in different corners of India.

Society teaches women to be careful, not to get raped instead of teaching men not to rape. 

Some girls are getting raped everyday by their teachers, relatives & unfortunately father also. How to protect girls when they are only not speaking up???

I’m requesting you to all readers (either parents or future parents), teach them to speak up & not hide such things, fight for it with strong heart, teach them SELF DEFENSE at the age of 3 – 4 years. Every child should know Karate/Kung fu/Marshal art etc. Other activities like sports, dance, music, drawing classes, swimming rappelling, skating, rock climbing is also important. They could survive by using any of them. These training should be done in growing age.

*Some survival tips for self-defence:

These are the small tips that might save your life. Girls can follow & feel safer. Even boys can follow some as they are also getting victimised now a days.


1)Basic self-defence is important:

As I said every child should know karate but if that’s not possible for everyone, parents should teach them basic self-defence, hands & leg position while self-defending, how to attack (from the back & front), how to use elbow, how to kick, kick on his penis with full force. Get the better idea with below pictures.


2)Security apps:

Inform your family/friend/in your what’s app group by sending location, car’s name & no, colour, driver’s name etc.


3)Use codewords:

Generate a codeword with your parents or dear ones, so that you can protect yourself by saying only one word.


4)When you stuck in lift:

You are stuck in lift, you are feeling risky & uncomfortable, you can just select all the floors (doesn’t matter u are getting down on top floor), lift will stop at all the floors & you will reach safely. Or one more thing make the habit of stand next to the buttons so that you can immediately rush in emergencies.


5)If your attacker is stronger than you:

Always remember, if your attacker has more strength than you, make him angry with tickle, than be unpredictable, some confusion will take place in his mind, that gives you precious time to escape.


6)When your hair grabbed by attacker:

Grabbed by the hair is most common way of attacking but it’s very much painful for girls to handle it.

Grabbed his hands if your hands are free because his both the hands will be near to your ears. So, you can easily hold his hands, immediately bite him stronger on his hands, when he take off his hands, get the chance & run.


7)when attack comes to a neck:

If attacker attacks on your neck, push his both the eyes with your both the fingers stronger, he will get hurt & that’s the right time to run.


8)Use daily materials as weapons:

#Handbags, umbrellas, keys etc you can use as a weapon for temporary escape.


#Scarf (tied on his eyes & escape).


#Pen (straight away attack on his eyes & escape).


#Comb (attack on his nose & upper lips).


#Red chili powder (Small sachet of red chili powder is enough for his eyes).


#Sandals/Heels (if you are wearing heels, keep heels towards his face & hit on his nose harder).


9)Carry pepper spray with you:

Keep it in right place, it should be easy to get out of the bag in emergencies. It will be no use if it’s in bottom of the bag.


10)When you tightly tied with cord:

If you want to free from the tight cord, keep rubbing it, keep moving hands with high strength, you can escape easily after certain period or you can use sharp edge to cut it & escape.


11)Keep basic first aid with you:

There may be a situation where you or someone else is injured & hospital is not available nearby, so first aid could save a life.


So, this was a small try to reach out some peoples, especially girls who are facing these problems. I hope this blog will help you in a better way. You can share your experience, more ideas in comment box.

Keep slaying till my next blog.


Here are a few important resources for you:

Videos on Self-defence:



Rashmi Dama

She is an ambitious, opinionated & passionate girl who believes what you think you become. She is a desperate Traveller, mad animal lover, crazy Baker, & foodie person, joyful book lover, writer & reader. She loves her family & friends. She hates to be answerable to anyone, hates to be in limelight hence always hides behind her writings.

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