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When you should walk away from a relationship?

Every relationship is peculiar and a beautiful bond between people. No one can ever replace a role with another one because everyone is unique in their own way. Basically, the relationship connects with caring and trusting each other. When it comes to our companion , we have to put a lot of efforts to sustain in that particular relationship for it to be everlasting.

Most of us desire to meet the right one and want to settle down with Mr/Ms. Perfect, but in reality, there is no one who is perfect . Everyone has their own flaws. But it’s not our mistake, every romantic novel, fairy tale and movies make us believe that . We are expecting our partner to make us happy. But why are we actually expecting happiness from others ?

“Happiness mainly comes from our own attitude rather than from an external factor”
-Dalai Lama

Once you understand the happiness within you, then there is no other way to create an expectation from others.

Nowadays, most of the people are confusing self-respect with ego. But it’s actually two contradictory things  Self-respect is indeed there in all the relationships, it creates a healthy bond between the person, improves personal development and also motivates to enhance the inner stability, but ego destroys the relationship. The egoist cannot admit their own mistakes and they easily get into trouble.

So, “Fight for your self-respect but don’t become prey of your own ego”.

Let’s see what are the signs that you’re actually in a relationship with toxic people, after knowing these kinds of symptoms or activities from your partner then definitely you have to stay away from the person you love.

Fail to respect each other goals and dream:

Being in a relationship does not mean to sacrifice your goals and dream. If the person is letting you stop your career and your extracurricular activities , then you have to move on in your own life .

Don’t lose yourself:

Losing oneself in a relationship indicates that you are in an unhealthy relationship. A successful relationship means each of them grows simultaneously, one tastes the success and another does not , means it’s not a good relationship, don’t give up yourself for the sake of relationships.

Fake promises:

Don’t give any fake promises to the person who loves you the most, if you do then you have to stand on your words. It’s important to remain loyal in relationships, breaking promises one or two times is adjustable but doing the same thing to your partner, it clearly indicates that you’re not in love with the person.


If your partner is having extra affairs with someone without any hesitation , you have to move on . Betrayal is heart-wrenching in relationship

Lack of communication:

Communication is a crucial part of the relationship. Obviously, both the people will never be on the same page, that’s why communication is utmost important to know very well. But, your partner not sharing anything with you or not listening to your words, then they lose interest in you, so there is no use to hold the relationship

Disrespect you in front of other people:

Not feeling secure or comfortable when you’re around your partner, in fear that they will say something disrespectful in front of friends or family. Have you felt this situation? If yes, then you have to stay away from the person because true companion would never ever put you down at any cost.

“Before falling in love with someone, know your self-worth”

toxic relationship

Vijaya Lakshmi

Vijaya Lakshmi pandiyan, Scrawl something from the heart, that leads to quote writer and that leads a blogger. Would love to interact with new people. The bookworm, wanderlust, and daydreamer.

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  1. Sharad Shrivastava


    Two things mentioning here are
    1) Showing genuineness in your relation. Being genuine and simple takes your relation to a new height. You need not prove out to be something. Accepting the way you are, its important for both the people to understand.
    2) Dealing with break ups. I can understand it’s hard and difficult to move on. Easier said than done. But the sooner one gets over it, it’s better for you. I feel you should write something on dealing with break ups too.
    Summing it up, interesting write up. Big cheer to you.

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