Content Writing Services at Slay Strong

We understand that when you are running your business you should be able to focus on things that only YOU can do. Things like content writing for your business, social media, email marketing, etc should be left to experts like us.

Before we proceed with what, here’s ‘why?’ content writing

Content writing/ content marketing is important to your business because:

  1. It helps in conveying the message of your brand ‘correctly’ to your target audience.
  2. It helps in improving your brand/website’s ranking on google with the SEO embedded content. It makes you ‘visible’
  3. It strengthens your brand value and helps you make an impact.
  4. It brings relevant traffic to your business, which eventually increases the conversion rate. (visitors into customers)
  5. Social media and email marketing today is as important as your main channel and taking it seriously can really keep you in the game.
  6. Content helps you Establishes trust, credibility and a connection with your customers. Loyal customers are assets and you know it.

I know you are not looking for a content writer for the sake of having content. You are looking for someone who can help you grow your business, increase your sales, and make an impact.

We are an expert team of 5 content writers which makes it easy for us to deliver quality content and right on time (we know the importance of speed in these fast times)

Here are the content writing services that we provide:

  1. Blogs & Article

    • We are experts at writing blogging content for your site considering we run a blog of our own since last 1 year. We know the inside out of this business and its requirements.
    • Blogs/ Articles that can improve the ranking of your website which will eventually lead to an increase in the number of visitors and lead generations.
    • Great and informative Blogs help you get identified on search engines and that express what your product/service/ brand is all about.

blog & article writing services at slay strong

  1. Social Media Content

    • In the current times it is not only risky but also a huge business mistake if your brand is not represented on relevant social media platforms. No worries though, we run business pages ourselves and over time we have finally learned the game of engaging people through our content.
    • Chances are, you are probably reading this right now through our socials.
    • We will take complete responsibility to create exceptional social media content for the channels relevant to your business. Like: Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.
    • We will not only create great content for your handles but will also help you write content for your promotional campaigns so you can reach the right audience and deliver the right message/information.
    • We know how time-consuming and taxing social media can be and we want you to focus your energies on being innovative, creative and amazing at you main product. We will be more than happy to take entire responsibility for your social media content for you to make better use of your skills and time.

Social Media Content writing services at slay strong

  1. Product Descriptions

    • So, you launched a great product? But realized that the product needs so much content like product description, SEO write-ups, Meta titles and what not? We are here with the right expertise and knowledge.
    • We are comfortable writing product descriptions for a variety of products. Categories like fashion, technology, sports, and unique products are our specializations.

Product description writing services at slay strong

  1. Synopsis and Summaries

    • We create exceptional content for media houses, authors, scriptwriters, content creators who need ‘Summaries or Synopsis’ of their work.
    • We will go through the content thoroughly and create a well representative content for the subject matter.

Synopsis writing services at slay strong

  1. Subtitling

    • We ensure eye to detail and create subtitles for video and audio content.
    • We know how important right and accurate captions and subtitles are and we ensure that we represent the content as effectively as it is.

Subtitling at slay strong

  1. Newsletters / Emails

    • Newsletters and email marketing is the best way to reach the inbox of your customers or potential customers and make a sale.
    • Writing convincing emails can be a real game-changer and turn the email recipients into customers.
    • We will be writing engaging content that will subtly promote your product and help me increase your sales.
    • We will create content that will help you grow your businesses.
    • Not just the newsletters, we will also help you in framing emails for brand collaborations, client pitches, etc.

Email writing services at slay strong

  1. Youtube description box content (SEO optimized to improve your youtube search visibility)

    • For the longest time YouTubers neglected the content in description box because of the lack of knowledge. However, this is the content that makes their video visible when someone is searching for the relevant content.
    • We will ensure to write a description under your video that is engaging, SEO optimized and garnished with the relevant keywords.

Youtube decription writing services at slay strong

  1. Metadata development (based on keywords)

    • Have you just walked into the world of SEO and realized that Metadata actually boosts (controls) the visit on your page or site. It helps to grow the traction to the content.
    • We will be writing Metadata for you with enormous keyword research and by an impactful representation of your content.

metadata development service at slay strong

  1. Scriptwriting / Story writing:

    • We not only have bloggers but also storytellers. We would create an impactful, unique and expressive storyline that can help you express better, be it for an Ads, Music Album, or for a short film.

Script writing services at slay strong

  1. Proof-reading & Editing

    • We can help you by providing proofreading and editing services for your textual content.
    • Be it for your novel, or for your blogs. We ensure exceptional accuracy when it comes to language and grammar corrections.
    • Our proofreaders have an exceptional eye to detail and we will ensure that you can be stress-free and confident about your content.

Proofreading services at slay strong

To avail any of these services, explain to us the following details and your requirements. We will be calling you back within 24 hours.