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Sanskriti Mishra

Sanskriti Mishra was born on 20th December 1997 (21-Year-old) in Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh, currently residing in Mumbai, Maharashtra. She comes from a middle-class household with not so middle-class dreams.


She wrote and published her debut novel when she was 20. The book, ‘It’s Not Always Happily Ever After’ was loved and appreciated by the readers. This book is in Self-Help + Romance genre, which makes it relatable to the youth. The book also deals with topics like start-ups, early marriages, and depression. Her work in the book grabbed attention and ultimately lead to many great opportunities. She is currently writing her 2nd book, which will be published in 2020.

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Sanskriti Mishra

Corporate Life:

Sanskriti Mishra started her corporate journey from a small publishing house as a writer of academic books. She built her way up in 6 months and joined India’s biggest Media company Zee Entertainments. She is currently working there, as Asst. Manager for their Metadata development.

‘9-5 can be stressful but not when you do what you love’ – Sanskriti

Business Woman:

Soon after her book, she released a blog which later turned into a women empowerment Community called – Slay Strong. Recently, Slay Strong also launched one of its kind services called, ‘Best Friend Calls’ where people can share and discuss their issues, get solutions or just rant without revealing their identity. Slay Strong is diversifying into women formals and is about to launch a clothing line called ‘Basically’.

The most special part of the clothing line is that all the clothes on the site are stitched by the women tailors of India. So, when you buy something it not only empowers you (by being affordable and comfortable) but also those women.

She had a tough life coming from a small community and wants to be a little responsible for the revolution that is to unfold.

College Dropout:

Due to some family problems and depression, Sanskriti had to drop out of her college. However, this fact has never stopped her from dreaming big and achieving them. She did her high school from Mysore and joined a college for a degree but due to some problems, she left college.

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She strongly believes in education and mentions that education is so much different from a degree. You can have a degree and still be uneducated. Knowing that she couldn’t finish college only inspires her to learn something important every day. Before being a writer, she is a reader and all that she has learned about writing, business, money and so has been through books and well, internet!

What’s next for Sanskriti Mishra?

She is successfully running her little business, working hard to make it big.
She is writing her 2nd book on self-help to inspire girls like her to ‘go for it’.
She is hustling between her 9 – 5 and her business but doesn’t complain.
She visits colleges and events to motivate students and to share her secret recipe of success.

Contact her:

You can contact her on her business email: or on her personal email: You can write her a letter (she is the letter girl and writes back) at this address:

Sanskriti Mishra

Zee Entertainment Enterprises Ltd. Empire plaza, 2nd building, 2nd floor, LBS road. Chandan Nagar, Vikhroli West, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400083


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