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Bleh ! I know I should be the last person to be writing about this , coz heyyy i’mma too lazy to even take my butt off the bed.

Never-mind , it’s never too late 🙂
( Dramatically thinks over it for the next 5 minutes and wastes time again , duh !)
Today , let’s not talk about you or me , let’s talk about US in general about how hard it is :
▪ To stop scrolling through our Insta feed .
▪ To avoid being a couch potato .
▪ To not indulge in the unnecessary banter .
▪ To even move out of bed ( Ughhh , I type this while I am relentlessly doing it )
                *Awkward silence*
I know how difficult it is , gone through – been there – done that 😂😂😂
Disclaimer : Self acclaimed procrastinators on IG this one’s not for you , but but tell me – how proud of you are you of yourself honey ? Does that make you look effing cute ?🐣
Jokes apart , Wouldn’t you try a tad bit if you knew that you were just an inch away from being productive ?
Well , what we need to focus on is “How to stop wasting time” instead of focusing on “Where are we wasting our time”.
Glide through the blog to know more :
* Make a schedule : Yesssssssss ! This not only helps you to stay organised but also enables you to work on time , you can make a schedule for even the silliest of things like washing a sock or even the weirdest of things , but do make one .
* Avoid excessive electronic usage : Do I need to talk about this ? Do I ? (Lol , I have already talked enough about it in my previous blog)
Remember that , “You’d become successful if you were on your device 24/7” said no man ever.
* Set your goals : Jot down your goals on a piece of paper or even better , set it as your wallpaper – that’d be like a gentle and a constant reminder for you to focus on bigger and better things and move towards your goal .
* Get off your bed : I swear you can’t do wonders if you keep lying on your bed or lazing around in your Pajamas . Newton back in 8th grade rightly said “An object  at rest tends to stay in rest unless ….. (Pretending like am nostalgic because I’ve  forgotten the law….) But you got to MOVE and make things work , you got to do what you got to do . You aren’t a log are you ?
If we were to calculate the number of hours wasted in a year ,
For instance say 4 hours a day ,
Sums up to 120 hours a month ,
That is 1440 hours per year ,
Which is 60 days a year !
(Oops , isn’t that 2 months ?)
Ahem , quite a number !
So honey , It’s high time we realise that wasting time is just adding a number to our age and calories to our weight and not lush green gardens , sooner we realise better for us .
It’s not  necessary to move mountains or become Zuckerberg overnight , but little steps can do wonders , like boond boond se saagar banta hai !
Until next time , stay strong , slay strong and keep your time – game strong !
Vardah Manna

She's the kind of girl who doesn't wish and hope , she'd rather believe in making it happen .

You could always find her with a book in one hand and a mug of coffee in another

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