Self Plan a Trip to Nainital

I have written 2 travel blogs previously that’s How to plan self-plan a trip to Dehradun, Musoorie? & How to plan a memorable & simple trip to Rishikesh on your own? So, this time is for Nainital (one of the most visited hill stations in India).   1st day: Next destination is Nainital. 246 kms away from Rishikesh, it takes about

How to self-plan a trip? DEHRADUN & MUSSOORIE !

Are you a TRAVELER? if yes…you will love this blog, If No…be a traveler now. because travel teaches you “self-love” & “self-enjoyment”. Once in a year, go someplace where you have been never before. Solo/group travelling depends on you but experience something new on every trip. Why Uttarakhand? Uttarakhand is the land of Himalayan mountains range, rivers & valley. The land

Gender Equality is Still a Myth in India – Here’s Why?

Gender Equality All feminists are Men haters, All Men are rapist, feminists say, all men should be well behaved since their birth, boys wear blue & girls wears pink. Women are gold diggers, women should not have their opinions, choices, career, they should always follow a man. Their brother, father, husband. Women should be a kitchen person, a