Because why not?

who are we? why are you here? we are building a community of the strongest women. why? because NOW women need it more than ever, as women we are always taught to be apologetic for our achievements. it’s time we stop hating and being jealous of each other. it’s time to support each other and grow together.

our vision is to provide women with everything they would ever need to be successful. knowledge, products, confidence and of-course the right clothes.

welcome to the community of girls who are bold, beautiful and can kick asses.

because why not?

why did i start this?

if you are a Indian, you probably already know this answer. For others- i wrote my first book, ‘it’s not always happily ever after’ which pretty much was a women oriented book. the response i got was so overwhelming, i wanted to do something at a bigger platform so we can have a community of strong girls. As girls, we always have to walk a extra mile, be it professionally or personally. this is a platform to bring all that we need under one roof.

i had a youtube channel, a blog, and a book so i decided to bring them all together to reach as many girls as i can who are just like me. BADASS AND TALENTED


Meet the founder and CEO of slay strong

Sanskriti Mishra

(author of it’s not always happily ever after)

Sanskriti Mishra

Founder & CEO

she is just another girl, with big dreams. she could never fit in the standards of society, so she decided to build her own community.

she is the author of the book, ‘it’s not always happily ever after’. which is loved and praised by the readers. she is also a CA aspirant, (i know….. a little nerdy). her aim is to provide girls with all that they need to make their dreams come true.

join her on this journey, to reach the best version of yourself,